Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important advertising methods on the Internet. SEO services increase the traffic to a Website by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines.


Many users around the world to millions of searches daily in search engines, especially Google. Definitely, a business website on Google’s first page has a lot of customers. Because more users click on these kinds of sites.


Be popular in Google. Shine in your Web market. On the Internet, be a 5-star brand. All of this can be experienced with The Amazonist.

Website Analysis

Optimizing Website for Search Engine

Google’s first page is like an advertising billboard in a crowded place in the city. More than 12 million words and phrases are searched on Google every day. You can be on Google’s first page by optimizing your site.

Competitors Analysis

Measure the Power of Your Competitors SEO
Competitors analysis is the second stage of the website’s SEO operation. Without analyzing competitors, doing SEO will not be possible. Competitors analysis and observing the reasons for their success will help you win.

Keyword Analysis

SEO with Keywords
SEO with keywords in order to be one to ten links on the Google first page, with any keywords you like! Identify keywords for SEO first, then prioritize them based on traffic, competition, and profitability.

On Page SEO

On-Page Search Engine Optimization
A collection of actions that, through optimization inside the website, increases the website’s rank and traffic from the search engines. Our suggestion is to do On-Page SEO first and then do Off-Page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
Off-Page SEO is referred to all activities that are performed outside of the website. The reputation and value of your website in the search engines depend on the Off-page SEO, which is one of the important factors of SEO.

Content Marketing

Content Creation
Creating content and updating website information according to site requirements cause an audience, due to its attractiveness and interactivity, trust any brand and buy a product or service from a website.

Link Building

Link Building
Internal and external link building of the website to prioritize the pages and introduce the website on the whole Internet according to Google algorithms. Both can be considered as the most important activity for SEO.

Social Marketing

Activity on Social Network Pages
Create and manage social profiles with publishing content and attracting followers. Almost half of the people in the world are active on social networks! This means you can introduce your business to all of them.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization
Doing SEO based on the geographic region, being the first in your area, creating the main local SEO structures according to the latest changes in Google algorithms: Your brand introduction on the web and Google map.


Attract internet users to your website with The Amazonist.


Choose The Amazonist’s professional SEO services and website optimization and be on the top of the Google results with keywords! How? why? You rent a shop and you have high-quality products. Also, you provide the best services. If this shop is somewhere in the city not visible by people and customers, what is the result of these costs and efforts? SEO is what drives your store to the city center.


We will pave the way for you to receive the first result on Google with the right strategies.

SEO Pricing Packages

  • Small Business

  • $499/mo
    • 5 Keywords (3 word phrases)
    • 6 Months Minimum
    • Local SEO
    • On Page SEO
    • +100 Link Building
    • Optimizing Site and Speeding up (WP only)
  • Medium Business

  • $699/mo
    • 10 Keywords (3 word phrases)
    • 8 Months Minimum
    • Local SEO
    • On Page SEO
    • +500 Link Building
    • Optimizing Site and Speeding up (WP only)
  • Large Business

  • $999/mo
    • 20 Keywords (3 word phrases)
    • 12 Months Minimum
    • Local SEO
    • On Page SEO
    • +1000 Link Building
    • Optimizing Site and Speeding up (WP only)
  • Very Large Business

  • $1999/mo
    • 50 Keywords (3 word phrases)
    • 18 Months Minimum
    • Local SEO
    • On Page SEO
    • +3000 Link Building
    • Optimizing Site and Speeding up (WP only)


Analyze your site now!


If you want to know what your site status is in terms of search engines, you can check this out by analyzing your website’s SEO. If you want to know the problems of displaying your website on the first Google pages and fix them, you can count on us!


Review and analysis of your website optimization are done professionally by our experts in the Department of SEO at The Amazonist. In checking the website, all the factors such as new features and emerging Google algorithms will be considered. Also, in the process of website optimization, the keywords you intend to use in SEO will also be noticed.

Why do we do SEO? If you are an expert in your work but are not visible, your target audience will not use your services and profession. If you want to be recognized on the web market, you have to pay various costs. Optimization is one of the best ways to introduce you to search engines.


It does not matter what business you have!


Whether you own a large or small business, you always need to increase your customers and sales. To this end, you have to be visible!

Why do We Optimize Our Website?


Professional SEO services will help you in a way that searchers will find you and click on your website which means:


More visits = More customers!


Therefore, if you are looking to earn revenue from your website, you should attract visitors to your site so that visitors become your customers. Considering that visitors use search engines to search for services and products, it makes it more important for your website to be optimized for search engines. If you have a higher rank in SEO, you will be more likely displayed on the first page. You can join the The Amazonist SEO group.

With the help of SEO analysis, you can understand that whether the website is designed based on search engine standards such as Google or not. If you have a high-rank website, you can get a better place in the search results.



Firstly, after sending a request, surveys are provided according to the standards of search algorithms, the type of business, keywords, and competitors. The process of reviewing and analyzing your SEO is done by our best experts. SEO analysis is completely free.


Not Having a Strategy Means Failure!

SEO Is Both Your Friend and Your Enemy!

Some people know themselves as versatile.


Many customers have contacted us and said that they built backlinks, created content, activated on social media; but they never reach their ideal results. They are wondering what the point is.


In such cases, the SEO process takes longer. Because doing wrong things, including the Black Hat SEO, not only does not make your website look good in search results but also penalizes it.

Be Careful not to be Penalized!

When a website is penalized, it takes between two weeks and three months to get out of the penalty. So if you’re one of those people who just by hearing some things about SEO, and you want to do SEO with content creation, backlink and social networks without a specific strategy; be sure that you will fail.

Who or What Company Is a Professional SEO Expert?

A professional SEO expert is someone who has at least 2 years of work experience. But these two years are not enough to be able to implement the SEO strategy. You need to be able to plan a content creation strategy, the strategy of presence in the social network, advertising strategy, and backlink strategy. Knowledge of strategy design in SEO requires high experience. If you see a person under the experience age of 4 wanting to do SEO, you know that they are not able to set up a coherent strategy for your website SEO.


We always talk with our friends and experts at The Amazonist about the type of SEO strategies, but there are only a few members who are able to design and manage SEO projects. Most of these people have a job experience of over 4 years. So if you are looking for a professional SEO expert or company, be sure to consider the length of time they have done SEO.

SEO Is The Best Online Advertising

Advertising is a science and how to develop our business through this science is creativity. In advertising, a successful advertisement must be done at the right time and place. The right place is where your customers are present and the right time when the customer needs your services or products.


One of the advertising methods that can create these two modes is SEO. When you optimize your website for search engines, you are always available to people who have access to the Internet, which means about half the people of the United States! As your website is placed in Google’s first page with the keywords, you are in front of your probable customer’s eyes. This leads to an increase in sales and this is one of the best things that can happen for a business.

How does SEO Affect Marketing?

SEO is a way to become more visible on a business website on the Internet. Now, the Google search engine has the most searches. According to the latest statistics per day in 35 billion searches are done worldwide. Due to this number of searches, if you invest in SEO, you will certainly have great success in the near future. SEO is what all business owners are looking for. SEO is a combination of recognition, practice, timing and much effort that is made on the Internet so that a website can be visible with its keywords on the Google first page.


Due to the above explanation, SEO is one of the most important marketing tools to attract customers.


If you have questions about SEO, you can contact us!

If you plan to get the best SEO services on the Internet, contact us.


Increasing Traffic to Website

In The Amazonist, we increase the website traffic and popularity for search engines. This will bring you more customers and consequently, more sales.

Branding with SEO

For a brand, being reliable on Google’s front page is one of the key pillars of internet branding. You can also complete your branding process by using The Amazonist’s SEO Services.

Being on the Google First Page

One of the most important components of the The amazonist company’s SEO service is to bring your site to the Google first page with the keywords you are looking for in the shortest time.


Not Having a Strategy Means Failure!

Content Creation for Website: Standard Content


If you want to always be at the top of the search engines results, you should keep your content up-to-date. Search engine robots, including Google, are keen on updating the information of a website, and each time you update your pages, they will get positive rank for your website.


But updating information, creating valuable and sometimes specialized content, along with the principles of SEO, is not the Expertise of anyone. Usually, companies, organizations, factories and etc., do not have the time to do this, or they can not employ a specialist to do this. But there are no worries. We solved this problem. The valuable content creation services of the The Amazonist can keep your website up to date and align you to the standards of search algorithms.

Which Website Sections are Suitable for?

Use of Optimized Content Creation Services:


Optimized content creation is one of the best services that you can get from The Amazonist, this content creation will help you to get the best results on your website. Usually, people with the following conditions, use The Amazonist content services:


  • Those who want their website to be visible at the top of the searches.
  • Those who value their audience and try to maintain their audience by creating strong content.
  • Those who like to have more sells and traffic, but do not have time to do it.
  • Those who want to become wealthy!
  • And almost everyone on the Internet can use the The Amazonist optimized content creation services to own a strong website.

How to Create Content?


  • Attractive content: your content should be attractive and user-friendly. So that the curiosity of viewers is raised to click on it.
  • Increasing conversion rate: the conversion rate is the conversion capability of the visitors to the customers. You can use the website UI and optimized content to get visitors to buy products or services.
  • Use attractive and desirable headlines: the most important part of content creation is selecting the title. You should have a popular, well-searched, and appealing title, so you can increase your website traffic.
  • Use How What and definitions: use questions and answers in which you have defined topics.

Why Create Content?


  • Valuable and optimized content: these kinds of content are in accordance with the subject of your work and are not copied from other websites or sources.
  • Creating content: content creation is done by our professional writing team. In the process of creating valuable content, depending on the source and its language, the subject is selected. We always obey the rule of copyright.
  • Created by experts: Content creation should be done with SEO expertise. Just creating some content is not worth. You should optimize the layout and structure of your content according to search engine algorithms. Because of this, we call it optimized content creation.
  • Optimized content creation services costs: the cost of creating content depends on the type of content, the source and language and the number of words.


Creating a Social Brand / Advertising on Social Networks / Geting Followers

Social Network Management

A Way to Interact with Customers

With the advancements of the Internet world, the use of social networks by users is more than before. In this regard, companies and business owners are using social networks to build effective relationships with customers and attract new customers.


Do you also plan to progress quickly on social networks?


The Amazonist is beside you to share your business news by a new way of marketing and managing social networks, as well as building effective relationships with your current customers.


You can work with any social network and appearing in all of them with the help of The Amazonist. The The Amazonist Group will make you a reliable brand among the general public with social network professionals.

Upgrade your Social Pages

Correct and Targeted Management = Increased Visits and Sales of Services and Products

Proper management of social pages will double your website traffic, which will help to increase sales of your products and services.


Also, due to the fact that there is a general public on social networks, having user-friendly and effective pages can help to show more and more services and products.


In this regard, in order to promote your brand and your business, you can use social network management services.

SEO Services FAQs

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means site optimization for search engines (like Google). In general, SEO Science is referred to as a set of work done to introduce the website to search engines as well as possible, along with the consideration of the needs of Internet visitors.


Regarding SEO, it should be noted that doing a lot of work in the form of website optimization is very time-consuming. It usually takes one to four months for a website to be visible, and you have to wait four to eight months to see your result. This time for SEO is an ideal schedule.

According to our comprehensive research of our experts, The Amazonist SEO Packages also meet the needs of our customers. You can choose the six-month, eight-month, twelve-month, and eighteen-month The Amazonist packages based on the competition level and power of your keywords.

Why should you, as a business owner, invest in SEO?


There are a lot of reasons to use SEO strategy and invest in it. In today’s world, all businesses are better to be present on the Internet. Even the old companies that have gained credit with word-of-mouth ads are not content with them and they are aligned with this technology. Because, even if your business does not work online, it will be in daily local searches and about a quarter of them will lead to selling. Therefore, all businesses require an SEO strategy even only a local SEO strategy as a small business.


Now imagine that your website plays an important role in your marketing. In this case, you cannot ignore the proper strategy and leave your website. If your website does not progress and does not receive significant traffic that leads to having customers, you will be bankrupt. In fact, if you do not invest in SEO, you lose your greatest opportunity in driving website traffic untapped. In this highly competitive market, businesses that are not aware of the importance of digital marketing will not make progress.


Since SEO keeps the search results fair, it’s greatly appreciated. In other words, if a website in Google’s search results is in the first place, it deserved it. Users also trust search engines and they find these websites as reliable and valid sources. The more you gain a higher rank in the Google results pages, the more clicks, and traffic you make for the website. SEO also improves user experience and makes customers repeat their purchases.


As a result, SEO is a dynamic Web-based process that requires continuous improvement for business progress. Therefore, all business must be aware of their growth and competitors. For this purpose, all businesses must be informed about the importance of SEO and digital marketing.

Who benefits from using SEO services?


In this digital world, Running a new business or startup is similar to a race which you try to be observed more than your competitors first in order to be well-known. Also, it is a race to reach your target audience. Moreover, this is a race to have more income than your competitors. If people do not recognize your brand identity and do not know who you are, you cannot build any reputation. Owning a strong brand identity makes people more likely to use your services.


Therefore, your business needs a website which is directed towards commerce, you should consider SEO professional services. These businesses require SEO services for their digital segment. If your company is developing a new website or updating it, then SEO advice should be one of the top priorities. Remember, if you spend a significant amount of your budget to design the appearance of the site, but users cannot find you, you actually waste your money.


SEO services will definitely enhance the searchability and visibility of the website. Your clients and customers are searching on search engines daily. They need somebody to solve their problems. Therefore, your business needs to benefit from SEO services.


SEO services fees are lower than Google ads and other PPC methods. SEO services increase site traffic. SEO services will increase your brand credibility. SEO services have more return on capital than traditional advertising. Your competitors are also doing SEO, but you must surpass them. SEO services will enhance your business class. SEO services highlight you in the 250 million websites that are currently on the Internet. 60% of clicks include the first Google result. By using SEO services, you can get more customer-related data to understand the needs of users and deliver proportional products. Contrary to promotional methods, the results obtained from SEO are more stable. SEO can inspire your brand and leads to create interesting and creative content marketing. After web design, SEO will also help you to first maintain your audience and then create attractive content for them. SEO services will increase the speed of your website growth. SEO services will make your website accessible to people with physical disabilities and people who use non-advanced devices. SEO services will make your sharing on social networks work better.


Above all, you can manage your business online and access your customer data. SEO also helps you to stay in the target market, along with strong rivals and famous brands. In other words, your website is a showcase of your business.


In fact, the purpose of SEO services is to help websites get the right rank in natural search results and to increase the relevance of the pages and the keywords of the user. SEO services are useful for any small, medium or large business. SEO services may improve any business such as:


  • Startups
  • Online service business
  • National or local business
  • Medical professionals
  • Lawyers and legal service providers
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Advertising agencies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Beauty salons and barber shops
  • Stores and shopping centers
  • Universities and colleges
  • All government departments
  • All public and private organizations
  • Personal blog or website
  • All bloggers
  • News Agencies
  • Online retail/wholesale business
  • Online stores
  • E-commerce business
  • Consultants and Consulting Centers
  • Fashion house
  • Etc.

Maybe these questions arise:


  • Is paying for SEO worth it?
  • How much does SEO services cost?
  • Does the money spent on SEO services return?

You need to know that SEO pricing depends on several factors. On the other hand, there are plenty of options for choosing a great SEO services agency. You must know before paying for SEO, what your goals are for having a website. These goals should include time, research, expertise and effort. Choosing a perfect SEO provider takes a lot of time. In this case, you have 3 options, doing SEO yourself, employing a full-time SEO specialist or using SEO service of a digital marketing agency or company.


Some of these agencies have SEO services as part of digital marketing services. Others divide these services into other sectors, such as link-building or local SEO. In general, you must get acquainted with various types of SEO services before starting to collaborate with an SEO specialist or SEO company.


  • Website analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Email marketing
  • Keyword analysis: listing keywords of user intent
  • On page SEO: optimizing your site
  • Off-page SEO: optimizing external signals impact on your site search result
  • Content marketing: Creating content based on your keywords in blog posts and landing page
  • Link building: obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own
  • Social marketing: using social media platforms such as Facebook to marketing
  • Local SEO: optimizing a website for a business located in a specific region


The Amazonist, as a digital marketing agency, attempts to advice all the tips for SEO services. You should keep in mind that SEO is not a process that works overnight. It is not magical. If a company or individual guarantees you that your site will be optimized with SEO too soon, look for a company or someone else. Avoid having a bad or even average SEO services because it hurts your website and affects the visibility in search. In addition to increasing organic traffic to the site, SEOs must make sure that your site provides a good and useful experience for visitors regardless of the device they are using.

It takes at least 4 months to a year to make its first breakthrough, although you may observe some tangible results within days. SEO is a long-term and gradual process. The length of time it takes to get significant results depends on 2 factors. First, what are your keywords or key phrases? Second, how competitive are they?


Here in The Amazonist, we help our clients to design and develop or redesign their website if necessary. For instance, if your website has technical defects (for example, mobile-friendly or CMS issues) in its infrastructure, as part of your SEO project, you may need to invest in improving it. Then, we analyze their website and their competitors as well as their products or services.


We also analyze the required keywords according to their target audiences. After, we work on the website with the techniques of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. At the same time, we work on the content of the site, blog and indeed content marketing. Next, we try to build effective links to bring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Moreover, we use social media marketing to make you well known via social networks. These two factors bring more traffic to your website. We also advise you on email marketing.

In the above tables, we have put the methods of doing the project according to your budget. You can choose one of the packages according to your business type and budget, in order to benefit from our SEO service.

SEO Science has many behavioral patterns. At the same time, these patterns have complexity and simplicity in execution. To do the job correctly, the person must have sufficient SEO experience and skill. So we recommend that you use an experienced consultant and SEO expert for your site. You can, of course, contact The Amazonist to learn more about site optimization services and SEO.

The triangle SEO is the three main pillars of SEO: content creation, link building, and website visits.


You have to move these three together at the same time to get a good place in Google search results. In The Amazonist, we are committed to providing the best SEO services using these three important principles, and with an ever-increasing review of the algorithms and behavior of search engines.

The white hat and black hat are two ways that SEO experts use. The white hat is real SEO and more durable, but the black hat is not. Black hat SEO is based on Google’s specific algorithms and tries to trick Google into showing the site at the top of the results.


The Amazonist provides SEO services using the newest methods and knowledge of algorithms and behavior of search engines.


Contact The Amazonist to use SEO services.

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