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Definitely, all businesses must have a website for a successful presence on the Internet. Therefore, this can lead to attract users and convert them into customers. Accordingly, in The Amazonist, we design sites that are: User-friendly, Responsive and SEO-friendly.


The Amazonist designs dynamic and creative websites. Besides, The Amazonist provides high quality, affordable web design services as well as post-design and pre-design.


The best web professional design company


Fit to all devices and window or screen sizes


Easier communication between the site and the audience


SEO process for being on Google’s first search results


Easy and simple to learn, understand, use and operate


The best content management system (CMS)

WEB DESIGN IN The Amazonist

Professional Web Design = Increase Customers and Sales!

Before starting the web design, The Amazonist gives clients the necessary advice. After the final decision, the goals of the employer are examined first. Then, based on the needs of the employer and the target of users approach, site planning begins.


In addition, The Amazonist provides 24-hour support for your website. If we design your website, we give you one year of support for free. Besides web design services, we undertake the security and support of the website. Everything is available for you in order to reach whatever you want on the internet. In fact, your website is your second office which can provide 24-hour customer services with no geographical limitations.


With the help of the best engineers and web design experts, The Amazonist’s website design department, with several years of experience, creates the best and most effective graphic designs according to the needs of the employer and the customer’s perspective for your website.


The Amazonist is proud to announce that with the unique and professional web design of its customers’ websites, they have increased their sales and customers. Because you can stay in the audience’s mind with a professional design and become a brand.


As a result, if you are about to own a dynamic, creative and professional website, contact The Amazonist.

Web Design & Devlopment Pricing

With Content Management System

  • Small Business

  • $1550
    • 5 GIG Cpanel Host
    • Free .com Domain
    • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
    • Designing site template up to 5 pages
    • Inserting Client Content on Site Up to 10 Contents
    • Learn how to use the site panel video
    • 24-hour support
  • Large Business

  • $1999
    • 10 GIG Cpanel Host
    • Free .com Domain
    • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
    • Designing site template up to 15 pages
    • Inserting Client Content on Site Up to 20 Contents
    • Learn how to use the site panel video
    • 24-hour support
  • Small E-Commerce

  • $2999
    • 15 GIG Cpanel Host
    • Free .com Domain
    • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
    • Designing site template up to 25 pages
    • Inserting Client Content on Site Up to 30 Contents
    • Learn how to use the site panel video
    • 24-hour support
  • Large E-Commerce

  • $4999
    • 20 GIG Cpanel Host
    • Free .com Domain
    • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
    • Designing site template up to 50 pages
    • Inserting Client Content on Site Up to 50 Contents
    • Learn how to use the site panel video
    • 24-hour support

The Amazonist Web Design Packages

  • I’m going to have a Corporate Website for my business to be on the first page of Google.
  • I want to have a website that is very beautiful, professional and user-friendly.
  • I want a website that can attract audiences and increase my sales.
  • I want a professional website for my company that is relevant to my work and career.
  • I want a Shopping Website where I can sell and introduce my products.
  • I want a professional site that I can introduce my services to the whole world.


Always being the best leads to be more visible; therefore, be more visible with professional web design!


Here are the answers to most of the questions people are looking for.


  • Why is it important to design a site professionally and why should you pay these costs !?

We are always in the The Amazonist Digital Marketing Agency, we will review our client’s request before starting his project And see if his request meets his needs and goals. Many people, due to lack of information about web design, usually enter the black market and employment agencies that do not have the necessary experience and attention to the principles of professional web design.


The best way to fall in the right direction is to consult and research. It is not adequate to read articles and texts from different resources or talk to people around you. Do not measure your goals according to your target budget! If you want to be the first one in the digital world, you have to omit limitations.


In the web design department of The Amazonist Company, professionalism says that before doing anything, check the customer’s needs and goals. And then, according to these needs and goals, as well as identifying the main target audience of the customer, they will give web design suggestions.


If you want to specify the web design criterion with the price, we will always have a website with poor design and structure.


Note that your website is your second office, and sometimes it’s more important than the actual office in some businesses. So try to build your office in the best area of the city and create a suitable decoration for your brand.


Just as a real office in the right place and the right appearance can affect your business, this is the same for the website. A professional website can transform your business.


We always say to our customers that the cost of designing a professional website is like an effective advertisement. Because professional web design makes you be more visible and stay in mind and this is the best advertisement for you.


Since a business has a website, it is important to mention the website’s address on all of its ads, which means customers, audiences and searchers visit the website for more detailed information.


Imagine yourself! If you go to a stylish restaurant with delicious foods, you can buy and use the services or when you arrive at an ordinary restaurant!


We are with you to review your goals and your needs. Based on that, we will design a website to meet these goals and needs.


Web design will affect your output and outcome!


You take your money and you take your choice! There are various prices in the marketplace for web design. You can do your web design with $200 and also can do with $2000. There is a strange distance of $1800!!! why?


Most of the high prices are given for two reasons:


  • A highly experienced and professional team is set to launch your website.
  • Benefit from a company or person by providing high-quality services!

With the second option, we have nothing to do. Identifying who to work with is your task. But to get your information up to date, you can read articles about cheap web design.


Consider the first option. Usually, in designing a professional website, at least 4 to 5 people are involved in the project:


  • project manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Template Designer
  • Web developer
  • Content Creation and SEO experts


Usually, a professional website is being developed in the most compressed time of 15 days. Assuming these two points, and with a fingertip account, you’ll find that why companies doing web design give high prices. Because often in web design, these five people are involved in the project for 15 days. And if you want to only count the salaries of these prominent people in their work for those 15 days, the resulting number is often higher than the announced tariff.


In addition, you should note that when each section of your site is done by a single person and a site at the time of construction from all angles is reviewed by experts, surely the output will be excellent.


This output will have good consequences for you. With the professional web design, you can be the first one in your audience’s mind with confidence!


One of the most important reasons for the success of online brands is the use of a professional website to introduce themselves, their products and services in the best way.


So if you also want to be one of them, join The Amazonist’s dedicated web design department.


Department of programming and web design of The Amazonist tries to provide its customers with professional services with the latest global technologies in designing a professional website. In this regard, The Amazonist’s programming and the design team are committed to using the new design and programming methods to satisfy users.


Professional web design can best represent you. Because having a good site acts like a nice and chic office.


Also, owning a mobile app suitable for your business can greatly help you communicate effectively with your old customers as well as attract new ones. The web design department of The Amazonist, with its experienced experts and designers in the field of website development and creating the appropriate platform for the growth of Internet businesses, is ready to serve all the users.


The Amazonist’s expertise, commitment, and continuous effort are the features that all people will experience with us. For the advancement of the web world, having a professional website can show you the same as having a strong tribute to others.

We will be with you to build your empire in the digital world.

Our team will share all their experiences with you from the start and will not withhold from trying to improve your the level of your project. The Amazonist, due to its high level of creation and development of web-based software, seeks to provide special conditions for its customers to achieve the maximum return on the project with the least possible time and cost. All of The Amazonist’s services are attended by our experts beside you, and you do not even need to get up from your desk.

Advantages of Owning a Professional Website

  • Earn more money


The most important reasons for web design are making more money and economic issues. If you design a site that does not have any financial benefit for you, all your money is lost, whether you spent 50 dollars or 5000 dollars. We will be with you to bring your business from the real world into the virtual world and create a new empire for you.


  • Show services and products


Many people use trades, brochures, or billboards to promote their products and services. But these ads are either very costly or the results are very poor. Advertising that is always fixed, ads that are publicly available within 24 hours of the day, advertisements that will easily introduce your products and services to others, and most importantly, low-cost ads with good results, make a platform on the web for introducing by web design.


  • A website is an office opening 24 hours


With a professional website, you can introduce yourself well in the virtual world. In addition, the existence of a targeted website can increase your customers. But besides all of these, the biggest advantage of having a website is 24-hour communication with all visitors and customers of the site. And this means the office is open to you in all 24 hours.


  • More use of the Internet


Today, all successful businesses in the virtual world have started to design a professional website. Because they have discovered the importance of having a virtual office in the Internet world. The world is moving forward. And people use the Internet more than yesterday. So if you have not done anything yet, stay connected with the The Amazonist Web Design Department.

Web Design Tips

Web design is a professional career, if you put your web design in the hands of people with little experience, you will certainly not get a good result.


Today, it is very important to own a good website. Because if the website is created with proper targeting and cost, can grow your business in the virtual world more than the real world!


Because your website is active and ready to deliver services and earn money when you are traveling or when you’re on the way home.


So you should have a special program for your Web Design.


To create this special program, we need knowledge about business, as well as the acquaintance and experience of the web market and the virtual world.


Here in The Amazonist, we use all our expertise and knowledge to help you get the best results.

If you plan to be introduced in a best way on the Internet, contact us.


Experience being on the first pages of Google with The Amazonist.

The Amazonist’s advertising and SEO Department is trying to provide the best solutions for its customers by providing special services for optimizing the website for search engines. The Amazonist has a lot of portfolios and provides the best SEO approaches.


SEO services are provided for businesses with special services and affordable prices. If you have companies and businesses anywhere in the world you can contact The Amazonist Agency to benefit from the SEO services, as well as the web design.


Throughout our path of life, what happens to us is the result of our choices. Luck, fortune, or prayer are not beneficial. You must try yourself and choose yourself smartly to achieve your goals.


On the Internet, the distance between two sites takes two clicks and sometimes less than a few seconds. Having an ideal appearance can make you unique to the audience perspective.


This is you who choose how to be visible. When you make the right choice in your web design then you will see that the audience will also choose you.


The Amazonist Company provides its customers with the best possible services in this field by providing specialized web design services!


When it comes to designing a dedicated website, you need to have a different website with specific features. In fact, you want a website that can meet your needs and goals.


Why special features? Because if you need an ordinary website or shopping website, you do not need to design it dedicatedly, you can use a not so expensive web design based on WordPress and Joomla!


What is a Dedicated Web Design?


The purpose of dedicated web design is that all stages of designing, developing, coding and execution of these projects are completely dedicated, and no ready-made modules and designs are used.


The Amazonist’s Dedicated Web Design Features


  • Completely dedicated design: unique graphic design
  • Responsive design: proper display on all devices (mobile and tablet)
  • High security: professional coding with high security
  • SEO friendly: web design in accordance with search engine algorithms
  • User-friendly design
  • High creativity: creative design with global standards

It is always the routine that the client first sets his needs and goals in the dedicated web design, then the design and development team at The Amazonist by reviewing these needs and objectives, The Amazonist prepares a plan to provide the client with an initial agreement. Then, after approval by the customer, web design and web programming begin.


Dedicated web design is particularly costly. Because these kinds of websites require much analysis, design and programming time. So why should we design web dedicatedly?


Why should I Design a Dedicated Website?


Dedicated web design is not only a visual design of a business but also an identity and branding process for a business. The Amazonist attempts to provide you with the best and most professional website design services that suit your business and can ultimately help your business.


Dedicated Web Design with The Amazonist


We are looking for new web design services in order to set up a dedicated website according to the needs of customers and also with high performance and speed.


The dedicated site design is done in The Amazonist Company with PHP language and Laravel Framework..


The Stages of Designing Dedicated Websites


Designing dedicated websites is done in several steps:


  • Check the needs of the client and the site’s customers
  • Graphic design of the website with Photoshop based on the style and purpose of the client
  • Client approval from graphic design
  • Convert graphic design to executable code in browsers (PSD to HTML)
  • Coding the Site Admin Panel
  • Coding graphic template for connecting to admin panel
  • Early delivery to the client and check the site with him/her
  • Elimination of possible problems and complete delivery of the site, along with training of work with the site to the client

Web Design FAQs

The Internet is the perfect place to introduce any business. Businesses are designing websites to have a strong and reliable base. You, who have a business, can introduce your business on the Internet by creating a professional website. This will increase the number of customers and increase the confidence of your current business audience.

The correct answer to this question can put your business in the right direction in internet advertising. But the wrong answer will take away all your time and money! Your professional website introduces you better than you are and leads the Internet audience to trust you and your service by visiting the site and use your products and services.


One of the best indicators of choosing a Web design company is that you should consider whether the web design company is mostly seeking to meet your needs, or looking for you to achieve your goals! The two are completely different.

With the advancements of technology especially web-related technologies, it’s no longer just enough to have a website and internet presence for a business! You have to be seen and, of course, more importantly, you should be seen well!


It’s not enough to have a normal website! You must have an innovative website. What does innovative mean? An innovative website should have a unique appearance, images, proper color scheme, and elegant and eye-catching graphical elements! If this is the case, the conversion rate of the visitors converting to clients increases on the website, which means the principle of success in web design!

Due to the expanding the online environment of the businesses which are more dynamic and more active in this space, they are also more successful in marketing and sales. Web design in helps you as a citizen to define your business as best as possible, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Another benefit of having a reputable and professional website is that customers and audiences can go to the website to find out more about your brand and study the supplementary descriptions bio of you.

The Amazonist is one of the best web design company. The Amazonist web design company develops websites with the latest design and graphic methods. Also, paying attention to the color and harmony and the details makes the sites we design superior to other websites.

To send a request, you can email us and submit your request based on the design and creation of the site. Our experts will give you the best suggestions after reviewing your request. Once approved, the contract will be sent to you.

How much does it cost to design a website?


In addition to the description of the table, the cost of web design is determined by the type of website and facilities considered as well as the services that our company provides.


The price and cost of web design are important, but it must be spent right and in order to reach the employer’s goal. Our recommendation is to first contact our experts in this area before doing anything.


Whether any company or individual offers you a price may make you confused about which company or individual to choose to work on your web design. Usually, those with low experience and poor portfolio have low prices, and those with high experience and strong portfolio offer high cost. But at this point, we try to maintain the balance and give the best prices to have a professional website for our customers.


In estimating the price and time of webs design, factors such as the type of website (corporate or store website), the amount of work, how to support the site, its design, all affect the price.

The Amazonist provides the best services to customers by providing special web design services to businesses. Follow the specialized web design services and consulting services with The Amazonist.

Demand us for the best web design services. The Amazonist Company brings a great result to you by providing the best web design methods in terms of graphics and performance. When designing your website, we are looking for your goals and developing your business through the website and we apply all the available solutions for this purpose using our capabilities so that you can take the most out of your website. In web design, other than the proper appearance, things like performance and conversion rate should be considered.

This is a question many people ask!

The cost of dedicated websites is due to the coding and activity of specialized people on the site, at a cost of more than $5000.

Therefore, a dedicated web design seems to be unreasonable at a lower cost. Because some specialist personnel is required to design the site at a specific cost, which is not a low-cost job. So I can say that designing dedicated sites is associated with high costs.

Required time for designing dedicated and custom website depends on the design style, the complexity of the site and the extent of the work starts from 30 working days and sometimes takes up to 200 days. Of course, our goal at The Amazonist is to be able to deliver projects to customers as quickly as possible.

Dedicated sites are designed to meet the needs of the client and its customers.


Dedicated sites due to the unique layout have the right structure of SEO and design. Also, dedicated sites are designed and run due to the attention that their audience receives, based on their needs and completely user-friendly. Usually, the loading speed of dedicated sites is higher, and this will greatly affect the site’s SEO.

The special services of The Amazonist Company for dedicated web design contains 24-hour support even on holidays.


Due to the importance that clients have in web design, we make every effort to develop the best of our dedicated sites.

Some companies have a little time to launch their website, with its experienced staff in the web development and programming section, The Amazonist team can work on designing your own site in the shortest possible time. The cost of building dedicated websites is 30 percent more than normal.

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