Social media has been a summit of digital marketing for years, but with all the perpetual changes in the platforms, it can be difficult to gather the reality if you are new to this world. Although, it could feel excited to learn about the new tools for your business. Social media has become a medium for this purpose where the customers can interface with their favourite brands and if they are not doing that, they can quickly fall behind.

Luckily, Port City is here to introduce about everything through which you can create marketing agencies by making social media a vehicle.

Following four are the most notable social media platforms.


As facebook is one of the oldest social media site, it is still the most popular amongst all with around 2 billion monthly users. A facebook page is something very necessary in every business as it provides amalgamate place for all of the information needed and could be searched easily.

If you have a specific location, you can add up your address and hours, and if you’re online, you can easily provide in oppurtunity to chat in and interact.

Also, Fabebook has an incredible SEO built in right, so if your website doesn’t show up on the Google top results page; surely your Facebook page will.


Twitter might feel like niche platform for business but it is actually the OG introducer of hash tags. Although, twitter provides you news related to the recent happenings, sports and games etc, still it can be used as a platform for business. These hash tags make people find the things easily they are searching for so it is most appropriate and time saving medium. So it is good to have a Twitter handle for your business.


As a primary visual instagram is the least amongst other platforms but when it comes to small business, instagram have the most impact. Business like clothing, hair salons, photography and restaurants can be benefited a lot if you have an instagram profile. It is a way of marketing whether you’re having dinner and just mentioning them using the hash tags, it just increases their ratings and more opportunities have been provided to them.


Linkedln is an excellent tool for marketing your content as it provides you an easy platform to connect with others easily in business industry or to those, who need your business services. You can directly write the articles on your profile to look even more thoughtful. LinkedIn is a good route to explore.


Ready to implement a social strategy of your own? Get in touch with us! We offer a variety of social media services your business needs.

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